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      The Knowledge Hub Repository of farming resources

      Visit the betway account - it gives you access to a range of fact sheets, tools and calculators designed to help you run a successful farm operation.

      The Latest News & Views

      Otago Plan Change 7 and the Omnibus (PC 1 and 8) Plan Change

      Are you wondering what the recent proposed changes to Otago’s water and waste plans might mean for you? Are you thinking about making a submission?

      Get involved

      Upcoming 必威手机下载版


      B+LNZ Generation Next Programme 2021

      Mon 5 April
      Applications close 5 April 2021

      This programme is designed to nurture, assist and encourage the current and future farmers within our sector. Applications have been extended over the Easter weekend and close Tuesday 5 April 2021.


      Beef + Lamb 必威手机下载版 AgInnovation Conference 2021

      Tue 4 May
      Awapuni Function Centre,

      The annual B+LNZ AgInnovation Conference focuses on delivering new knowledge through a strong line-up of presenters and topics focused on new innovative solutions, business diversification, agricultural research, and global trends.

      Field day

      B+LNZ Northland Annual Showcase

      Wed 5 May
      Clements Farm

      This promises to be a great day out observing farming in Hikurangi.


      B+LNZ 'Farms, Trees and Carbon' Workshop: Broadwood

      Tue 6 April
      Broadwood A & P Hall

      Join Laurie Copland in exploring the options for carbon on farms, the right trees in the right place and the hill country planting funds available in Northland.


      B+LNZ MNNI FarmSmart Conference 2021

      Thu 8 April
      Sir Don Rowlands Centre

      FarmSmart aims to provide you with tools and ideas to help build confidence in your business.

      Field day

      Seeing, Understanding, Believing Project Field Day

      Thu 8 April
      Woolshed at 267 Millricks Line

      Since November 2020 in a project funded by the Our Land and Water National Science Challenge, farmers within the Nguturoa Catchment near Linton have been studying stream health, greenhouse gas and farm management issues.


      B+LNZ and DairyNZ Winter Grazing Workshop: Carterton

      Thu 8 April
      Carterton Event Centre

      The workshop will cover how careful planning for winter allows you to winter animals in a way that ensures they are well fed and in good health, and manages the environmental impacts.


      Southern Texel Breeders Workshop: From Feat to Meat – Invest in your future

      Thu 8 April

      Join Southern Texel Breeders for a visual hands-on assessment of sheep constitution to optimise meat production and flock replacement selection.


      Beefing Up Your Future Profits Conference

      Fri 9 April
      Plymouth International Hotel, 220 Courtenay Street, New Plymouth

      This conference has a plethora of NZ experts speaking to help increase profits from the use of new and existing technology.

      Field day

      B+LNZ North Canterbury Farming for Profit Field Day: Regenerative Agriculture in Your Farm System

      Fri 9 April
      Oxford Working Men's Club

      These field days are aimed at giving you the tools to take control of your business including maximising on farm production, business planning and management skills, and helping you get the most out of yourself and your staff.

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