Company Profile

Beef + Lamb 必威手机下载版 Ltd is the farmer-owned, industry organisation representing 必威手机下载版 's sheep and beef farmers. We invest farmer levies in programmes that grow the sheep and beef industry and provide sustainable returns now and for future generations.

Our history

In 2010 we changed our name from Meat and Wool 必威手机下载版 to Beef + Lamb 必威手机下载版 Ltd to reflect our new way of doing business as a meat-only organisation.

We share our name and brand with Beef + Lamb 必威手机下载版 Inc, which is responsible for promoting beef and lamb at home, in the 必威手机下载版 market. Domestic promotion is jointly funded by farmer levies and 必威手机下载版 meat processors and retailers. Whilst we operate as separate entities, sharing our name aligns our work more closely.

Our vision

Our desired future for NZ's sheep and beef producers:

Profitable farmers, thriving farming communities, valued by all 必威手机下载版 ers.

Our priorities

How we generate impact:

  • Supporting farming excellence
  • Government and public insight and engagement
  • Unlocking market potential
  • Enhancing our environmental position.

Our goals

  1. Through consumer insight the NZ Red Meat Sector Story, NZ Farm Assurance Programme and Market Innovation creates a platform for improved pricing.
  2. Market access through FTA’s has increased enabling maximum market value to be captured and returned to farmers.
  3. Farmers have grown profitability through productivity, efficiency and improved cost of production.
  4. The time and cost of regulatory compliance has been streamlined.
  5. Farmers are recognised for their commitment to the environment while maintaining the productive capacity of land.
  6. Farmers have access to the right people with the right skills and a new generation of leaders is developing.
  7. Dairy farmers, beef farmers, and industry working together to maximize opportunities.
  8. Insights drive rapid product and service development with tangible value captured by farmers.

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