B+LNZ Drylands Pasture Webinar – Establishing Dryland Pastures with Derrick Moot

In this webinar, Professor Derrick Moot will take you through the background on why legumes are so important.

This webinar will focus on the establishment of legumes, especially Lucerne, and other dryland species. From cultivation and sowing rates through to nutrients and where to place your focus.


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Send in your questions

This will then be followed by Derrick answering YOUR questions.

So please send in your questions to Rachel.Jukes@www.funkst.com for these to be collated and asked during the webinar.

We ask that your questions keep to the theme of “establishment". For grazing management, please see next week's seminar


To register, please visit: https://beeflambnz.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJYvd-mhrzkiHN2SL08lmkSIzNrDHN8NMFF-