B+LNZ 'Farms, Trees and Carbon' Workshop: Broadwood

Join Laurie Copland in exploring the options for carbon on farms, the right trees in the right place and the hill country planting funds available in Northland.


To assist farmers in making the most of the One Billion Trees Fund, B+LNZ will be running workshops to help farmers identify suitable opportunities for your business and introduce you to key climate science and policy issues. 

Lunch provided. 


Hear from:

  • Laurie about the process of planning trees on farm for the future to suit farming goals. 
  • NRC on SHaRP funding.
  • Forest 360 about smart carbon planning.
  • Kathryne Easton from IKHMG on the Kaipara Remediation Package and what it means for Northland.

What to bring?

Bring along a farm map/aerial photo if you have one as you will have an opportunity to try out ideas for your own farm. Please allow for this to be drawn on.

Before the workshop

Climate change affects everybody and farmers are some of the first to be affected. Everybody has their part to play. The earlier farmers understand the drivers of climate change and what is contributing to it, the sooner they can adapt and make changes to their farm systems.

Please take a look at the following resources before the workshop:



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