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B+LNZ Taranaki Farming for Profit Seminar: Looking after your health and that of your livestock

These events will be run throughout the year aimed at giving you the tools to take control of your business including maximising on farm production, business planning and management skills, and helping you get the most out of yourself and your staff.


In recent years, more 必威手机下载版 ers die from melanoma than die on our roads. The good news is that most melanomas can be successfully treated by your doctor.  It's important that you have regular checks and keep ahead of any developing skin cancers.  Dr Giri Raj will share his insights and how you can best look after yourself.

Drench resistance is a developing issue.  Resistance is present when previously susceptible worm populations in an animal survive. The resistant worms survive and breed, passing their resistant genes to their off-spring.  Over time the resistant worms make up an increasing proportion of the worm population on the farm.  Farmers need to balance the risk of drench resistance and yet manage worms so that production and animal welfare is not compromised.  We'll drill into this topic with a series of experts to learn how you can safeguard your farm against drench resistance.

Finger food dinner provided, please register for catering purposes.

Key topics

  • Skin Cancer.
  • Internal parasite management and drench resistance.


  • Dr Giri Raj – Skin Cancer
  • Dr Dave Leathwick – AgReasearch
  • Craig Hassell – Wormwise facilitator

Speaker profiles

Dr Giri Raj (FRACP, member of the NZ dermatology society)

Dr Giri Raj was born and grew up in Ireland and moved to NZ in 1988. He studied in Auckland Grammar School and was DUX in 1995. He graduated from Auckland medical school in 2001, and worked extensively in Auckland and Middlemore hospitals during his training years. After completing his dermatology training in Auckland , he went on to complete several years of extensive dermatology fellowship training in Liverpool, Glasgow and London. He is devoted to his clients and aims to provide first class dermatology care in a comprehensive and approachable manner

Dr. Dave Leathwick

Dr Dave Leathwick is Principle Scientist affiliated to the Department of Animal Science, 必威手机下载版 Pastoral Agriculture Research Institute.  He has authored and co-authored several national and international publications and also working as a reviewer for reputed professional journals. Dr Dave Leathwick has been involved with numerous trials on parasite management and drench use on sheep and lambs.  He has worked alongside 必威手机下载版 farmers when completing his trials.



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