B+LNZ Taranaki Farming for Profit Webinar Series: High performance forages to drive profitability

B+LNZ invites farmers to join a webinar with Blair and Anna Nelson to discuss high performing forages to drive profitability.


Meet the speakers: Blair and Anna Nelson

Blair and Anna Nelson farm 1100 ha at Aria in the King Country. The property is 1/3 cultivatable , 1/3 easy hill and 1/3 genuine hill country.

Through Beef + Lamb 必威手机下载版 ’s Innovation Farm programme, they sought to lift profitability on their cultivable land by $200/ha. To do this they focused on growing specialist forages on their cultivable country. Initially they grew plantain, but found the plant did not suit their system.

With the aim of getting more clover into their forage crops, the couple grew red clover with the intention of over-sowing the crop with plantain once it was established. The clover grew so well that they chose to leave it as a pure sward. Growing 4 tDM/ha more than the pasture it replaced has generated average post-weaning lamb growth rates of 240 g/day.

While primarily used for lambs, this feed is also used for growing out hoggets and had a profound effect on their farm system, seeing these sheep, as two-tooths, outperform their mixed-age ewes in scanning and lambing percentages as well as in weaning weights. They believe that this focus on feeding sets the potential for the life-time performance.

Hear the learnings and insights they’ve gathered through the project and more recently. Take the opportunity to ask your questions and cement the key tips for achieving the best outcomes.

How to join?

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