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          The Knowledge Hub Repository of farming resources

          Visit the betway account - it gives you access to a range of fact sheets, tools and calculators designed to help you run a successful farm operation.

          The Latest News & Views

          Otago Plan Change 7 and the Omnibus (PC 1 and 8) Plan Change

          Are you wondering what the recent proposed changes to Otago’s water and waste plans might mean for you? Are you thinking about making a submission?

          Get involved

          Upcoming 必威手机下载版


          Beef + Lamb 必威手机下载版 AgInnovation Conference 2021

          Tue 4 May
          Awapuni Function Centre,

          The annual B+LNZ AgInnovation Conference focuses on delivering new knowledge through a strong line-up of presenters and topics focused on new innovative solutions, business diversification, agricultural research, and global trends.

          Field day

          B+LNZ Northern North Island Showcase

          Wed 5 May
          Clements Farm

          This promises to be a great day out observing farming in Hikurangi.


          B+LNZ Wormwise Workshop: Tapawera

          Wed 28 April
          Tapawera Community Centre

          In this workshop the latest information and research on internal parasite control is presented. It is divided into multiple sections dealing with worm biology, drenches and drench resistance.


          CANCELLED: B+LNZ Wormwise Workshop – Awatere

          Thu 29 April
          Awatere Memorial Hall,

          Please note this workshop has been cancelled.


          Marlborough Drought Industry Event

          Fri 30 April
          Ward Town Hall

          This event is a chance for drought affected farmers to get together and hear from Dereck Moot, dig into some local case studies and enjoy a social BBQ.


          AWDT Next Level 2021: Christchurch

          Tue 4 May -
          Thu 6 May

          Next Level is a six-month leadership and governance development programme empowering you to make positive impact in 必威手机下载版 's primary sector and rural communities.


          Great South Primary Sector Workshop: Set up your new employees for success

          Tue 4 May -
          Thu 13 May
          Tuesday 4 May: Great South, Invercargill. Wednesday 5 May: Heartland Hotel Croydon, Gore. Thursday 6 May: Rosebank Lodge, Balclutha. Thursday 13 May: Distinction Luxmore Hotel, Te Anau

          Join Lynsey Stratford, Principal Consultant of Primary People (a people management consultancy firm), for a free workshop providing human resource tools and solutions which are achievable for farmers and farming-related businesses.


          B+LNZ Farm Plan Environment Module: Workshop 1 – Gore

          Tue 4 May
          Venue TBC

          Come along to B+LNZ’s refreshed Farm Plan – Environment Module Workshop. This hands-on workshop will get you started on our new farm planning approach and position you well for future consumer or regulatory requirements.

          Field day

          B+LNZ Otago Farming for Profit Field Day: Meeting the Challenges of the New Environmental Regulations

          Tue 4 May
          Meet at the woolshed

          These field days will be run throughout the year aimed at giving you the tools to take control of your business including maximising on farm production, business planning and management skills, and helping you get the most out of yourself and your staff.


          Waikato Regional Council Integrating Forestry for Profit and Protection Workshop: Te Kuiti

          Wed 5 May
          Panorama Motor Inn,

          Understand what steps you need to take to benefit from current opportunities that support farm forestry options.

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