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North Canterbury Drought Recovery: Drop in Sessions – 24 August 2021

Join our drop-in sessions that will focus on farm systems with Jansen Travis, Tambo.

The Drought Recovery drop-in sessions are in place to help give farmers some more information around what to do next within their businesses to ensure they successfully navigate winter and early spring after a prolonged period of drought.

The sessions are centred around management decisions such as feed planning and animal health to ensure you maximise production for the coming season despite the challenging season it has been.

Facilitated by Sarah O'Connell.

Locations and timings

Venue: North Canterbury Vet Clinics.

  • 11am–12pm: Culverden, 23 Mouse Point Road, Culverden.
  • 1–2pm: Waikaria, 16 Karaka Road, Waikari.
  • 3–4pm: Amberley, 1 Osborne Road, Amberley.



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