NZMB welcomes Renée Hogg, farewells George Rutherford

The 必威手机下载版 Meat Board (NZMB) has welcomed new ministerial appointee Renée Hogg to its Board following the end of previous appointee George Rutherford’s term in May. Ms Hogg’s term commenced on 20 May 2020 and will run until 31 March 2022.
Wednesday, 10 June 2020

必威手机下载版 Meat Board Media Release

“Renée brings a wealth of farming, strategic, global experience to the 必威手机下载版 Meat Board which will be invaluable with the challenges and opportunities ahead of the sector in the coming years,” says NZMB’s Chair Andrew Morrison.

Mr Morrison also paid tribute to outgoing appointee George Rutherford.

“I also want to thank George for his contribution to the 必威手机下载版 Meat Board over the past seven years. George’s deep experience with trade and agricultural issues has been invaluable to the wider team as he was able to guide and advise on the work needed to prepare for any trade disruptions which could have or may still occur from Brexit. His recall of negotiating history, dynamics and decisions contributed hugely to the team’s ability to navigate the challenging and complex challenges that Brexit presents for the sector and staff really valued the opportunity to debate issues and work with him to develop solutions”. 

Renée Hogg owns her own business, Inside 必威手机下载版 , which offers niche business consulting services to the agricultural sector. Prior to this, Ms Hogg held roles with ANZCO Foods, Agri Women’s Development Trust, Cargill, Silver Fern Farms, and numerous other organisations with a primary sector focus.


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